Woman who received ground-breaking, lifesaving operation from eminent surgeon credits God with her survival

A woman was last night praising God for her “miracle” recovery after a highly distinguished surgeon performed a ground-breaking 17-and-a-half-hour operation to save her life.

Christian fundamentalist Fanny McDafty (43) was originally given just 3 months to live but through determination, hard work and decades worth of expertise in his field, Dr Frank Forfuckaul was able to save Mrs Dafty’s life with a mind-bogglingly complicated operation.

After hearing that she’d been given the all-clear, Fanny praised and thanked God for his “mercy for allowing her to continue living as one of His children here on Earth”.

When asked if she had any words of praise for the surgeon who saved her life, she thanked God again for “giving Him the strength”.

Whilst Mrs Dafty is undoubtedly jubilant today, it’s unclear whether she will ever wonder why God gave her the life-threatening condition in the first place.