Statue of Thatcher to be erected on moon to avoid vandalism

It has been sensationally revealed that a statue of Margaret Thatcher is to be erected on the surface of the moon, 384,400 km away from Earth.

It’s thought that this is the only location in the explored universe that the deceased former Prime Minister has not caused any individual or community some level of harm or distress and is therefore the only place where the statue will be safe form vandals.

However, the move has proved unpopular with local residents. Major Clanger, who lives nearby the proposed site vocalised his objection through a series of high-pitched whistles:

“They can fuck right off with that statue! Clanger went on, “Do you think I want to look at a depiction of that demonic witch every time I leave the fucking house? Do I fuck. Vandals?… Vandals? The only fucking vandals will be the cunts that put it up in the first place.”

Whilst an exact location has yet to be decided on, it’s clear that, despite every effort being made to keep the statue from being defaced, even on the moon it may yet end up covered in green soup.