Slow driver only in hurry when pulling out in front of other drivers

A grandfather of 2 was yesterday defending his right to emerge from T-junctions into the path of oncoming vehicles and then to drive 20-25% slower than the legal speed limit.

Harold Longbottom (62) maintained that he wasn’t in the wrong but it was in fact other road users that should have more patience.

“I’m just driving economically” he said “people always tell me I drive too slow but 47 miles per hour is fast enough. Unless driving on an overtaking lane or nice long straight bit of road of course, then I’ll speed up to 60. It’s scary to see the number of maniacs that brake the speed limit to overtake.”

When it was put to Mr Longbottom that pulling out in front of other drivers and then driving slowly without allowing for overtaking can cause frustration and accidents, he replied “Well people shouldn’t be in such a hurry in the first place.”