Prince Philip: I don’t need a licence to cause a car crash anyway

The Duke of Edinburgh was last night adamant that his ability to cause car crashes would not be hindered by the fact he no longer had a driving licence.

Prince Philip, who has voluntarily given up his licence made the comments after crashing his 4×4 into another driver last month:

“Well I don’t bloody know why I should give up my licence in the first place” Philip continued “That other driver should have been listening to my commands. I did shout ‘Make way you bloody peasant!’ How is that my fault if she didn’t bloody hear me?”

The Duke then went on to insist that he could still cause car crashes even without a licence:

“Well if they think they can stop me causing fatal road accidents by taking my license off me they can think again. I’ve caused crashes without being behind the wheel before, and I can bloody well do it again.”