Piers Morgan furious over some stupid shit in bid for publicity

Celebrity shit-stirrer Piers Morgan is absolutely fuming because of some stupid shit that is of absolutely no consequence to neither himself or most other people. His rage will however, no doubt whip-up a twitter-storm of ill-informed emotional reactions among his moronic followers.

Despite claims to the contrary, Morgan has vehemently denied that his peculiarly high proportion of outrage could possibly lead anyone to label him a snowflake:

“Me?! A snowflake!?” Morgan bellowed, “I’m a white, middle-aged British man for goodness sake. I’m the one who labels other people as snowflakes! Usually it’s those idiotic, politically correct millennials”.

When challenged by our reporter that it was more likely that he wasn’t genuinely angry about the issue and that the whole episode was simply a cynical publicity-seeking stunt, Morgan shouting over the reporter and began calling him names.

It’s unclear for the time being what will cause Morgan to lose his shit next. Many commentators believe however, that it will be just as stupid and pointless as the last issue and the issue before that.