Moron England fans who celebrated win by destroying taxi, pledge to wreck double decker bus if England win world cup

A group of drunken, moronic England football fans who celebrated an England win by destroying the livelihood of a taxi driver have promised to annihilate an entire double decker bus if England win in the final.

“Well obviously winning a quarter final game meant we had to randomly attack a taxi driver and wreck his car.” A spokesperson for the mob explained, “So if England win in the actual final and bring football home, then we’ll have to up our game and smash a whole double decker bus to bits. What other logical next step would anyone expect us to take?”

When asked what vehicle should be destroyed to best celebrate a win in the semi-final, the mob spokesman vomited and faceplanted the ground in an unconscious, drunken mess.

It has been advised however, that all minibus drivers should be on high alert on Wednesday.