Shock as hipster-coffee barista is polite to customer

A customer who visited a trendy coffee shop was last night recovering from shock after the barista serving her was friendly, welcoming and treated her with the respect normally afforded to a human being.

31-year-old Tracey Smith spoke of her surprise at the shocking experience. “As soon as I walked into the premises the barista greeted me with a massive smile and welcomed me to take a seat.” Tracy continued “When I went up to place my order he stopped what he was doing immediately and gave me his full attention. He smiled throughout and thanked me for my order. Even when I requested the milk to be heated a little more, he just smiled and said “no problem at all”.

The barista in question was unfortunately unavailable for comment having been sacked by the owner only a few hours after the incident. “He was only on a trial shift anyway” the owner explained “He had all the right tattoos, haircut and facial hair but he just won’t cut it in this industry with that attitude.”