Man who voted for Brexit to “stop Muslims coming to UK” accidentally wipes elbow instead of arse

A man from Barnsley who confidently stated that he voted for Brexit because he thought it would stop Muslims from gaining entrance to the UK, has accidentally wiped his elbow instead of his arse after visiting the toilet.

The mistake only came to light after an enormous skid mark was discovered in his underwear by his wife when she did the laundry a day later.

When questioned by his wife if he had wiped his arse properly, the man (a horrendous slice of ignorant, racist gammon) had protested, “Of course I did! I always wipe my arse after going for a shit.”

It was only when his wife noticed him pointing to his elbow as he said it, that she realised his error.

It’s unclear how many other Brexit voters have made a similar mistake since the referendum. Some sources have estimated however, that a high percentage of Nigel Farage supporters as well as those who expect the NHS to receive an extra £350m per week have a rather large and stinky washing pile.