Hosepipe ban suspicion as everyone’s lawn dead except him in number 33

Tensions were running high last night as it became clear that all the lawns in the street were dead or dying except Mr Wilson’s in number 33.

Mrs Truman in number 27 first raised concerns with Mrs Lovie in number 22 two days ago:

“I said to Mrs Lovie, I said, ‘You know what?’ I said, ‘I think he’s had the sprinkler set to come on through the night, I do’ She said, ‘It wouldn’t surprise me’ she said, ‘look at that lawn. It’s as green as green can be’ she said, ‘and look at the rest of our lawns, all brown and dry as a bone’ she said.”

When questioned as to how his lawn seemed to have avoided the same fate as the rest of the lawns in his street, Mr Wilson stuttered nervously:

“Well err… I use a watering can you see. And it’s all grey water I use too. Not like that Mrs Truman in 27. I’ve seen her washing her car with water straight from the outdoor tap.”