Depraved shrine to Jeremy Corbyn found in basement of Dan Hodges

Pantomime villain ‘journalist’ and all-round cunt storm Dan Hodges was last night struggling to explain a depraved shrine devoted to Jeremy Corbyn found in his basement.

The shrine is reportedly made up of thousands of images and newspaper cuttings as well as some personal belongings of the Labour leader and is surrounded by candles.

Sources have indicated it appears to have been used for the purposes of masturbation and reports of a blow-up Corbyn sex doll have also emerged:

“When you first enter the dungeon the first thing you notice is the smell” the source continued, “The fowl stench of dried tears and semen hits you right in the back of the throat. The blow-up doll was the worst part. One of those cheap ones with a cardboard cut-out Corbyn mask stuck on. Looking at the damage it’s sustained, it seems Dan’s been violently hate-fucking and beating it every night”

While some critics of Dan would suggest his constant twitter outbursts against Corbyn are simply part of the right-wing Media’s wider smear campaign, the discovery of this shrine points to a deeper obsession.