Bee populations lower than feared after scientists admit some bees may have been counted twice

Experts spoke yesterday of their fears that bee populations in the UK may be even lower than previously thought.

The warning came after it was revealed that the scientist in charge of counting them may have accidentally counted some bees more than once.

Professor Bumblebungle told of the difficulties he faced when carrying out the task.

“Well, first I sent out tiny census forms to all the beehives in England and Wales but after I got no response, I decided to count the bees individually.” The Professor continued, “But there are three main problems: firstly, there’s loads of them; secondly, they all look extremely similar; and lastly, they buzz about all over the place. I’m afraid to say, it’s very possible I may have counted the same bee more than once.”

It is now feared that until a more efficient method of counting bees can be devised, the true number of bees in the UK will remain unknown.