“No, sorry, I think I’ve got the wrong number” Lionel Richie told

Lionel Richie last night spoke of his shock at being told it was in fact not him the caller was looking for.
Richie told sources that he’d been expecting a call from the beautiful, blind woman he’d been obsessing over:
“The phone rang about 19:30. I was in the middle of having my tea and I would never normally answer the phone at this time but I thought it might have been her, the woman who’s been making a clay bust of me. So, I raced to the phone as quick as I could. I answered just in time and said HELLO, is it me you’re looking for?”

Richie went on to talk of his shock at hearing a confused male voice:

“There was a bit of a silence and then this voice said ‘Errr… is Keith there?’ When I asked again if he was looking for me, multi-platinum selling superstar, Lionel Richie, he just said ‘No, sorry, I think I’ve got the wrong number’ and hung up.”

Richie made no comment as to whether his mysterious, blind beauty called in the end but sources have said that he might not be in such a hurry answer the phone at tea time in future.