Captain Planet accused of hypocrisy after forgetting ‘bag for life’

Defender of the environment and superhero Captain Planet was left red-faced at the supermarket checkout yesterday as it was revealed he’d purchased several disposable carrier bags, rather than use a bag for life.

Onlookers spoke of their shock as the Captain vented his frustration at having to buy new bags at the till.

Polly Petroless, 21 who was next in the queue behind him described his reaction when the checkout attendant asked if he needed bags.

“He shouted “Fuck! I’ve left my bags in the car again!” Polly continued “He then seemed more concerned about having to pay 10p each for every new bag rather than the impact on the environment. The cashier even offered to wait while he ran out to the car to get his bag for life but he just said “Fuck it, I’ve not got time, I’ll just buy more”Polly added “I’m not convinced that he even had a bag for life in his car. He’ll never get pollution down to zero with that kind of behaviour.”

It’s unclear whether his car was fully electric, hybrid, petrol or diesel but sources were quick to comment on the contents of his shopping basket. Note worthy items included beef mince, single use plastics such as cotton buds and shower gel containing plastic micro beads.