Bugs Bunny diagnosed with myxomatosis

Messages of support were flooding in last night for Bugs Bunny who, it has been revealed, is suffering from Myxomatosis.

Wisecracking Bugs, who is not expected to recover from the usually fatal condition, is said to be in surprisingly high spirits. “I’ve been saying ‘what’s up doc?’ for eighty years now… I suppose it was only a matter of time before the reply was, ‘your time on earth Bugs'”

Close friend and fellow Looney Toon Daffy Duck took to Twitter to vent his sadness at the news.

“Sssspo Spssad to hear about my friend Bugsspss Bunny. Thoughtsssptss are with him and hisssps family.”


Porky Pig, another close friend, admitted he’d be choking back the tears the next time he had to say “Ah tha ah tha ah tha ah tha ah that’s all folks.”

Even Elmer Fud who has in the past, made numerous attempts to kill Bugs, had only words of sympathy.

“I’m weally weally sad to hear abowt Bugs Bunny. Hunting wabbits will never be the same again”

The only Looney Toon not to send their sympathies was the Tasmanian Devil who simply said he “wasn’t really that arsed about it”.