‘There’s still time to save my leadership bid’ claims Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson rose from the backbenches yesterday to deliver his resignation speech in which he made clear that there was ‘still time’ to save his leadership bid:

“Since the referendum there has been a fog of self-doubt around my attempts to become the leader of the Conservative Party” Johnson continued, “First, I had Gove stab me in the back. Then I tried and failed to get the sack from Theresa May about a million times. Now bloody Labour are ahead in the polls and frothing at the thought of a General Election. But I’ve changed tack once, I can change tack again. There’s still time to save my leadership bid.”

 It’s unclear exactly what Boris is planning to do next. However, sources say they are one hundred percent certain, beyond any doubt at all, that his manoeuvring will have nothing whatsoever to do with the national interest and everything to do with interest of Boris Johnson.