Sun reader confused after accidentally listening to and agreeing with something Jeremy Corbyn said

A Sun reader was recovering from shock and confusion earlier today after agreeing with something Jeremy Corbyn said.

The man, Rob Dobson (38) who has been an avid reader of The Sun for over two decades confessed that he didn’t even mean to listen to Corbyn but when he did, he couldn’t believe his ears:

“Well it was this debate thing on the TV” Dobson continued, “I didn’t mean to put it on but the dog stood on the remote and there he was, the terrorist sympathising, Britain hating, Czech spying, Russian loving, Jewish bashing, Marxist traitor in all his horridness. Only… he wasn’t horrid. He was just a kind old man talking about how he wants to protect the NHS and look after the homeless and stuff. I was fucking shocked to my core. Utterly dumfounded.”

Dobson went on to describe how the whole episode left him questioning his very existence.

“I mean I’ve always known Corbyn was a Marxist but truth be told, I’ve never really known what a Marxist is. Suppose I’ve always thought it was like a pedo demon that eats puppies or something but after this, I’m not so sure. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing, might even look it up.”