Polymath taxi driver is expert in politics, economics and cultural anthropology

An overweight, middle aged, white, taxi driver with no formal education has been identified as the world’s leading expert on politics, economics and cultural anthropology it emerged last night.

The discovery was made by Professor of Diplomatic Relations at Oxbridge University, Charlotte Rhodes, who had been collected by Roger (48) in his taxi at the end of a conference she was attending.

When asked if she’d enjoyed her evening Professor Rhodes admitted that she’d rather have stayed away from the lecture on the Consequences of Cultural Globalisation on Ethnic Identities in Developing Countries.

At which point Roger enlightened her on his own musings on the consequences of “ethnic individuals” leaving developing countries and “coming over here and taking all our jobs”.

Despite no encouragement to do so whatsoever, Roger continued to “educate” the professor for the entirety of her 34-minute journey on subjects such as Brexit, NHS tourism and Sharia law.

While Roger has no plans to formally lecture to students, he does have a fairly large presence on social media where he regularly re-shares Britain First memes and posts comments about the loony left to LBC host James O’Brien.