“Now get to fu#*ng work plebs” says home secretary Priti Patel

Working-class Tory voters were left stunned earlier today when it finally dawned on them that it was them who would be expected to pick up the slack when all the Eastern Europeans were on the boat back to wherever they came from.

The realisation came after home secretary Priti Patel told the plebs:

“it was now time to get to fu#*ng work. Who did they expect was going to do all the shit jobs that they had ducked for years? The gravy train had ended and wheelchair or not, you worthless layabouts are going back to work”

52 year-old Pete Robertson from London spoke of his dismay:

“I had no idea it was us wot would have to do the fruit picking an that.” he continued, “I wanted to send em back yeah, because it was them wot was keeping our wages down an that, Nigel said so, but I didn’t think wot it would be us wot would have to actually do the work!”

When asked who he did think would do the work, he pulled a look of pure confusion and said, “I didn’t really think that far ahead to be fair.”