Gove: I didn’t intend for anyone to actually believe my lies about immigration

Michael Gove has sensationally admitted that it was wrong for the official Leave campaign to whip up fears about immigration, including his own bullshit lies about Turkey joining the EU.

Gove, a horrendous little weasel whose face you’d never tire of punching, made the remarks to distance himself from the utter disaster that Brexit is becoming:

“I mean, yes, I did make up some stuff about Turkey joining the EU and it having a negative affect on security and the NHS. But that was then! We didn’t actually think we were going to win the referendum. I never intended for anyone to take my words seriously.”

The fact that Gove is a Tory does lend some weight to the argument that a reasonable person should have known he was lying, however despite this, it does seem that some people actually did think he was telling the truth.