Disastrous Maybot unit to be recalled after series of malfunctions

The company behind the disastrous PM1000 Maybot model have decided to recall the unit after a series of catastrophic blunders.

Conservadine Systems have admitted that the robot, designed to function as Prime Minister, was totally defunct and needed complete rewiring and a total circuit board overhaul:

“I’m afraid this model really has been an utter disaster for us.” A spokesman for the company explained “The Maybot was designed to perfectly mimic human emotions, tell flawless lies to the public and make fool-proof political decisions on behalf of the Tory Party and their donors.”

Instead however, the unit has frequently displayed no or incorrect emotions and often instead, looks as though it has just shat itself. It also tells lies as poorly as a 5-year-old and continues to repeat meaningless soundbites when under pressure. It’s no exaggeration to say that it is also responsible for one of the most significant political blunders of the last hundred years when it called the 2017 general election.

It’s unclear whether the Maybot will be reinstated after the recall or replaced by a different model altogether. When it was suggested that an actual human take on the role, the spokesman laughed the idea off:

“Ha ha ha, as if we could ask an actual human being to implement our policies. Only a machine can live with causing the horrendous suffering of some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the country.”