About the Daily Ringer

The Daily Ringer is not a real news outlet. It is a spoof/satirical news website to be viewed for entertainment purposes only. 
None of our editors are real reporters. They’re not even editors. Actually, they don’t even exist. They are as fictional as the stories they write. Fictional editors can’t check or corroborate facts, therefore everything you see on The Daily Ringer is completely made up. It’s definitely, definitely not news.
All of the non-celebrities featured in the stories are fictional. If one of the stories involves someone with exactly the same name as your mum, it’s a coincidence. All the names are made up and anyway, The Daily Ringer is above making ‘your mum’ jokes….
That was a joke.
The Daily Ringer is definitely not above making ‘your mum’ jokes.
There may be some political bias in the spoof reporting but that’s okay because unlike the BBC, we don’t even have to pretend to be impartial.
There may also be some stuff on here that’s not suitable for children so nobody under 18 should look at any of it. Hear that, 16 and 17-year olds? You can get blown up as part of an illegal invasion of a foreign country but regrettably, you’re not allowed to view the bad words and silly pictures on this website.
Also, there may be some very bad language and some horrible stuff written about your favourite celebrity, politician, deity or member of the royal family. You may also find something that’s not to your taste or just not funny to you. But that’s okay too because here’s the good news: you don’t have to look at any of it J Just leave the website or keep scrolling, it’s much, much easier than getting your knickers in a twist and writing to complain that you were offended.
We hope however, that you enjoy The Daily Ringer. Thanks for visiting.